Perfection training

A must for anyone who wants to become a professional!

Perfection training – where you are brought up to date with the techniques and our product range!

This training offers you the unique opportunity to see, feel and taste all the novelties of the 5-segment PANDHY’S ™ product range at a glance.

At this seminar, ask your questions about the products, ingredients, applications and take individual treatment concepts home with you.

We even deal with the sale of our products and you get successful tips for building your customer base.

The following topics are also edited:

  • You would like to receive retraining in sugar depilation?
  • Why is Sugar Depilation on the face the most powerful anti-aging treatment in the world?
  • Get to know all new PANDHY’S ™ innovations?
  • COSMIX or BEAUTYTEA does not tell you anything yet?
  • Would you like to offer more treatment options with PANDHY’S ™ products in the salon?
  • You would like to try out, smell, feel the bio-certified, pure, highly concentrated natural cosmetics line TRUE DELIGHT ™ by PANDHY’S ™?
  • Are pure, therapeutic oils and wonderful rituals important in your treatment spectrum?
  • What is the most efficient cellulite program of PANDHY’S ™?
  • Finally, see all the colours of the Mineral Makeup Collection at once? What are healing colours?
  • Organic, natural, vegan? Where is PANDHY’S ™ positioned?
  • How do you optimize the home care range of your customers – and thus your sales in the salon – without being obtrusive? The art of on-demand selling.
  • Everything about merchandising. Samples, posters, stands

Duration:   1 day (8 hours)

Costs: The training is FREE, but comes with a minimum order of $200 AUD.