COSMIX Workshop

COSMIX – Tailored Beauty

Content of the training:

Get to know this unique concept and stand out from the average!

For beauty therapists looking for a unique item for their salon.

We are all special and our skin is unique, from time to time our cosmetic needs and expectations are different. We know that our skin lives, is constantly changing and interacting with the environment, the climate, the lifestyle, the quality of sleep, the quality of our eating habits, our nerves, emotions and many, many other aspects have an effect on the appearance of the skin.

CosMix is ​​a customized, patented cosmetic concept with personalized treatments.

With basic formulas, INKA assets (active ingredient concentrates), OLEO active ingredients, oils, teas and floral water, which are personally mixed for the customer in a VIP treatment shortly before application.

They are components of a completely new concept in the cosmetics world. Thereby you offer in your salon a uniquely tailor-made, personalized care program for your customer!

We do not treat the general skin type of a client, but address the specific, personal needs of her skin and tissue. These are composed by heredity, by her lifestyle, by environment and habits. We do not have finished creams or masks, but we put them together for each customer individually.

All products of the CosMix line are purely herbal, clinically tested, they contain no paraffins, parabens, silicones, artificial colors and fragrances or plastics.

The highest standard of purity of the base products is ensured by colloidal silver.

The active ingredient water and the beauty-therapeutic floral teas from the Floral / Spa line provide the moisture base of the products.

The 13 INKA Active and the 6 OLEO Active (active ampoules) are highly effective antioxidants. The INKA book features 12 water-soluble extracts and 1 omega-oil complex of medicinal and superfood plants from Peru’s treasures, and the OLEO book features 6 oil blends for the perfect texture as needed.

Enchant your customers with a completely new, personal VIP treatment concept.

Have you become curious?

In the course you will learn more about the products, learn tips and tricks how to actually tailor the beauty for each customer in your salon, as if you were in a cosmetics laboratory. We present you the Inka ingredients, Oleo ingredients and basic products and combinable PANDHY’S ™ products. The course offers theoretical and practical knowledge.

Offer a unique treatment for your guests the very next day!

Your certification:

After successful completion of the course you will receive a certificate “Master of COSMIX ™”.

Duration:   2 days (8 hours each)

Price:   1100 AUD, including certificate and full starter kit