Did you know, that if you wear lipstick regularly you could consume nearly 2lb of it in your lifetime, but do you know what’s in the lipstick (and indeed any of the other items of make-up) you buy? It may contain synthetic colors and chemicals that can trigger allergic reactions. Some cosmetic ingredients are even believed to cause fertility problems and cancer*.
(* source Women’s Environmental Network (WEN) press release 11 October 2004 “Think before you pink!”)

PANDHY’S™ LipGloss

Organic lip products colored with pure, high quality natural mineral pigments, silken formula conditions lips to keep them soft and supple.

PANDHY’S™ Potted LipCare & Color

Silken formula conditions, protects and colors lips to keep them soft and supple. It is available in 7 beautiful shades, and in colorless version, in mirror-pot with applicator. >90% ECCOCERT certified ingredients.