Make Up Workshop

Mineral Make Up & Airbrush

PANDHY’S ™ Mineral Make Up

PANDHY’S ™ Mineral Make Up opens a new generation in decorative cosmetics!

PANDHY’S ™ Mineral Make Up is made exclusively from the highest quality minerals and botanicals in the world. The minerals are 100% inorganic, so inactive. Bacteria can not colonize and therefore they do not need conservation. As a result, they are durable indefinitely. The minerals protect the skin from environmental influences and cover them perfectly. The application technique, the crystals are placed like a net on the skin. They do not penetrate the follicles but additionally protect the skin. The Mineral Make Up offers a sun protection up to the sun protection factor 20.

Our make-up lasts all day and does not need any improvement, but can be refreshed with lavender or rosewater anytime. It is water resistant by its nature and softens wrinkles and wrinkles. Due to their inorganic nature, they are ideal for oily skin and acne problems. The contained zinc oxide has antiseptic and healing properties.

PANDHY’S ™ Airbrush

The airbrush is actually the answer of the beauty industry to the spread of HD technology and its increased expectations. This technique creates a perfect natural look for everyday wear and a flawless result for professional makeup artists. With the help of airbrushing, we can work better and faster than ever before, while the application works precisely and produces an almost retouched result.

The special feature and novelty of the PANDHY’S ™ airbrush system lies in the materials used, in the color composition and in the quality. The PANDHY’S ™ minAIRal mist on formula are water-based, the color pigments are the PANDHY’S ™ Mineral Make Ups. The colors contain no additives, oils, silicones, parabens or artificial substances, the PANDHY’S ™ pure mineral powder are mixed with a special apple water, which gives the product a pleasant natural apple fragrance.

In class you learn the innovative use of  Pandhy’S ™ Mineral make-up and  of  Pandhy’S ™ airbrush.

Your certification:

After successful completion of the course you will receive a certificate “PANDHY’S ™ Make Up Artist”.

Duration:   1  day (8 hours)

Price:  650 AUD