Lid Washes

PANDHY’S™Lid Washes

Eyelids naturally have some red and purple tones, which tend to make our eyes look tired. PANDHY’S™ lid washes solve this problem by providing a single, mono-toned base on which to apply shadows, shimmers, and shading colors. These shades are opaque, and creamy to the touch, yet look completely natural. Consider these eye-lifts in a pot. For lid washes with a silken sheen, visit the semi-matte collection of the versatile mineral powders.


Fairey #312
Fairey is the palest of pinks, understated and feminine. Use in combination with Earth tones for a pretty, demure eye.

szemhely-korrektor-2Buttercup #311
Buttercup is a pale, creamy yellow base that tones down redness and brightens up the eyelid. Combine with mauves, and earthtones in the crease.


Creme Brulee #310
A neutral, skin-tone beige. Disappears into the skin for a natural, understated appearance, while covering redness.