PANDHY’S™ General Training Information

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Become PANDHY’S™ Sugaring Practitioner and open up a new and fascinating world of 100% natural and extremely effective beauty treatments.

To become a certified PANDHY’S™ Sugaring Practitioner, you have to sign up for and successfully complete a hands-on, two and a half day PANDHY’S™ All High Sugar Training Class. These classes are conducted by a qualified PANDHY’S™ Educator and attended by six or more trainees. Within the two day session, you will learn the whole holistic philosophy of PANDHY’S™ Sugar and how to use it on all parts of the body.

After the classroom training, trainees are expected to read through all the provided materials and practice at home for at least 3 weeks. Trainees will need to return for a third day for an examination and free Sugar SPA training. After successfully passing the exam, trainees will become a Certified PANDHY’S™ Sugaring Practitioner. If, for any reason you fail, we will allow you to re-take once free of charge.

Training and Product pricing

Practice is essential to perfect your sugaring technique. Using quality products is very important and as such, we insist that you use our products. The required minimum product purchase is a Starter Kit. In circumstances where there is more than one employee registered for training from the same salon, a Practice Kit will also need to be purchased. A 15% discount will be applied to Starter and Practice Kit purchase.

  • Full Starter Kit plus 2 days training  price $950 AUD  includes a training manual, reference DVD & 1 marketing poster. 3 types of Sugar Paste and all prep and post treatment products
  • Practice Kit plus 2 days training price $450 AUD  includes a training manual, reference DVD & 1marketing poster. 2 types of Sugar paste and basic set of prep and post treatment products
  • Practice Kit + Re qualification 3 hours price $450 AUD (if you already certified as a sugaring practitioner with other brand and want to buy our product )
Starter Kit products
1 box Latex Gloves (non powdered) 100/b. 1
980703PANDHY’S™ Normal Sugar Paste (850 g) 1
980704PANDHY’S™ Mediterranean Sugar Paste (850 g) 1
980705PANDHY’S™ Skin Cleanser (500 ml) 1
980767PANDHY’S™ SigmaLine WashFoam (300 ml) 1
980806PANDHY’S™ Drying Powder (300 g) 1
980716JPANDHY’S™ Sweet & Easy Sugar Gel (850g) 1
980717FlexEpil™ Stirps (2 rolls of 75×6000 mm) 1
Spatels w. small /100 pcs (114x10x2mm) 1
980713PANDHY’S™ MIRACULUM Essential Oil (30 ml) 1
980707PANDHY’S™ RATHANY Hydrating Lotion (500 ml) 1
980731/980732PANDHY’S™ Rose Water (500 ml)/PANDHY’S™ Lavender Water (500 ml)
980889PANDHY’S™ PreDePeel Powder (300g)1
980736PANDHY’S™ Massage Sugar (500ml)1
Practice Kit products
PANDHY’S™ Skin Cleanser (500 ml)
PANDHY’S™ Normal Sugar Paste (850 g) /
PANDHY’S™ Mediterranean Sugar Paste (850 g)
980752PANDHY’S™ Ultra Soft Sugar Paste (850 g)
980806PANDHY’S™ Drying Powder (300 g)
980757PANDHY’S™ RATHANY Hydrating Lotion (150ml)
PANDHY’S™ Rose Water (500 ml)
PANDHY’S™ Lavender Water (500 ml)
PANDHY’S™ MIRACULUM Essential Oil (30 ml)
980889PANDHY’S™ PreDePeel Powder (300 g)
Spatels w. Small/100pcs1

PANDHY’S™ Training Information (30% theory / 70% practical).

All treatments will be demonstrated by the instructor and then practiced by the trainee. Valuable experience will be gained working on each other under the instructor’s close supervision & trainees will be evaluated on an ongoing basis.

Important: We have our own  models but  participants are expected to practice on each other as well and bring their own models . All models and trainees will need at least 10 days hair growth and short nails . Please avoid sun bathing or tanning beds the day before and during training. If in any reason you can´t be sugared, please inform us before the training session as you need to bring your own model. Please ware comfortable close fitting clothes (preferably salon uniform).

10 day advance booking deposit of $250 AUD  (non-refundable) is Essential.

To participate you will be required to complete and sign the Registration Form. The full fee to be paid via wire transfer 5 calendar days before the start of the training. If you are unable to attend you must give us 72h advance notice by e-mail to be eligible for a full refund (less deposit) or re-arranged training date. If your advise us of cancellation between 72h-24h we will only be able to offer an alternative course. ‘No shows’ or less than 24h notice: no refund or rescheduled course except for serious medical reasons (Doctor’s note required).

Melbourne  –

 28-29  of June 2018

1-2  of  July 2018

10-11 July  2018

22-23 July  2018

(please inquiry via

Perth –
Basic sugaring training 

October  2018
Sugar SPA training 

October 2018

(please inquiry via

NSW – 

15-16 July 2018  (please inquiry via )

Gold Coast   – 

August 2018

(please inquiry via )

Adelaide  – 

TBA (please inquiry via )

We guarantee trainee satisfaction

We guarantee that after a two day training session, you will able to sugar independently by either the hand or strip technique, whichever is preferred.

Trainees will have a good understanding of different depilation sugars, related products and also the theoretical background. The additional SPA training day will help you to maximize the customer’s treatment options. In the unlikely event that trainees feels additional training is required, we will offer the possibility to join a later group free of charge.


Pandhy´s  JK Beauty  trainers and PANDHY’S™ All High Sugar Training program have International certification , so participants can be sure of high teaching standards. Once students have successfully completed the course they will be issued with an internationally recognised PANDHY’S™ Sugar Depilation

To find out more or sign up for PANDHY’S™ All High Sugar Training, please give us a call or send an e-mail:

Jess Koroleva – Phone 0451385461 – E-mail

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