World class Quality and Technique

So what do we offer? The solution!

PANDHY’S™ Depilatory Sugar Paste and our unique Natural Depilation Technique.

PANDHY’S™ Depilatory Sugar Paste is massaged onto the skin by hand against the natural direction of hair growth. The paste is luke warm so there is no danger of burning.

PANDHY’S™ Depilatory Sugar Paste removes hair in the natural direction of growth. Thanks to our gentle method, Sugar Paste can be applied on the skin repeatedly several times. PANDHY’S™ Depilatory Sugar Paste moulds into the mouth of the follicle penetrating inside and surrounding and lubricating the hair. Extraction performed in the natural direction of growth is perfect, leaving behind no broken hairs or red, irritated skin. PANDHY’S™ Depilatory Sugar Paste only sticks to the hair, not the live skin cells, gently exfoliating so the treatment is not painful and results in silky, smooth skin for a long time.

PANDHY’S™ Depilatory Sugar Paste can be easily removed from the skin, textiles or any other materials and surfaces with warm water so cleaning after treatment is simple with no need for chemicals.

Depilation by PANDHY’S™ Depilatory Sugar Paste can remove hair as short as 1-2 mm and ingrown hairs can also be removed with our hand technique. Depilation is best carried out in the Anagen Phase resulting regeneration period of the hair being considerably longer.

Extraction performed in this phase causes traumatisation of the follicle and the consequence is an impressive change  in the texture and colour of the hair as it grows back.

PANDHY’S™ Depilatory Sugar Paste is completely hygienic and one of the best natural preservatives as it does not allow bacteria to grow and will provide an indefinite shelf life for the paste.

It’s high time to think of depilation in a different way!