SweatTreat Deparation

We decided to raise depilation to the rank of favorite salon treatments, to make it a pleasant experience both for client and aesthetician!

Accordingly, we considered the problems faced in the different waxing methods:

  • first, they are painful, as living skin cells also stick to the wax, traumatising the skin, and the discomfort is often extended by the high temperature of the wax, risking burning of the skin; allergic reactions may often occur;
  • the result is not perfect, as a minimum of 5-10 mm hair length is needed for effective treatment, and clients may be averse to growing their hair that long, especially in summer. The waxes applied remain on the skin surface, short hair will not stick to it, so short, broken hairs or ingrownrs cannot be removed by wax, although waxing is one of the main causes of ingrown hairs, as the method of pulling hairs backwards, against the natural direction of growth inevitably results in a great number of hairs broken in the follicle, or causes deformation of the normal follicle position;
  • the result is not long-lasting enough, as when the hair length is suitable for waxing, thelogen phase has already been reached in most cases, that is new hair is growing under the hair to be extracted, this may determine the duration of the “hairless” period;
  • and in addition to all that, wax is sticky, may leave stains that can only be removed with difficulty, if removable at all.